Ruben Guthrie Full Movie (2015) HDRip Online Download

Ruben Guthrie HDRip film centres, as the title eponymously suggests, on the character Ruben Guthrie (Patrick Brammall), a high-flying advertising guru enjoying the hedonistic excesses that are perceived as integral to that profession; his persona neatly fits the acronym Lombard – a lot of money but a right dick. Enjoying the trappings of his lifestyle, he drunkenly jumps from a ledge as a stunt narrowly avoiding fatal injuries. This proves too much for his beautiful and long-suffering Czech fiancée who walks out on him but advises she could return if he can stay off the drink for a year and turn his life around. The film then chronicles Ruben’s life as he attempts to do just that.(IMDB)Watch Ruben Guthrie Online Free DVDRip, Download Ruben Guthrie (2015) Full Movie, Ruben Guthrie Watch Online Mp4 HDRip BR 720p 3gp

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